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Our site was created. We hope everyone has a fun time as the site grows.
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To be Announced!

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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules EmptyThu Jul 22, 2010 1:45 pm

These are our site rules, make sure you stick to them!

Out of Character

* No online bullying will be tolerated. We are all friends on this site, so try to get along. If you have a problem with another user, take it up in private.
* Post things where they are appropriate. Roleplay boards are for in-character threads ONLY. Threads that are not where they're supposed to be will be moved or deleted, depending on the content.
* We try to maintain a PG-13 rating on this site. Cussing is allowed, but don't go crazy. Graphic descriptions of violence or wolf-mommy-daddy-happy-times are entirely unnecessary.
* Pictures and graphics in your signatures are encouraged; just make sure they don't stretch the board or cause blindness.
* In order to start roleplaying, you must create a bio for your character. After posting the bio with all requirements in the "Character Bio's" board, wait for me to approve it. Once it's approved, you may begin role-playing with your character.
* You may create as many characters as you can keep active.
* If you wish to give up any of your characters without killing them off, you may post them in the "Adopt or Abandon" board.
*If you rp more than one character. List all your charries in your signature.
*Your characters must all be REALISTIC, eg, NO powers, NO fur made of fire, NO purple eyes ect.


* Posts are to be made in third-person, past tense. Here's an example:

With a frustrated growl, the wolf looked away, his eyes absentmindedly searching the lake. He wanted to choose his own words carefully, lest he should say something rash.

* A minimum of two lines per post is required. Please, no complaining. It's not difficult.
* As I made clear earlier, the role-playing of mating scenes is NOT allowed. Period.
* Nobody may kill another character in a thread without permission.
* Posts must have decent English. We don't demand perfect spelling, but it would be helpful.
* No god-modding (creating an unnaturally perfect character with no flaws and that can dodge every attack) or power-playing (controlling other characters' actions in a thread without consent).
* Please do not leave people behind in a thread. It's rude, and should not even have to be said.
*Please, please, please, please, please try and roleplay with speach marks (") instead of stars (*)
*You must all start as Loner wolves, and either enter a packs territory and howl to get an alphas attention, and try and join that way. Or if you get a PM off an admin, you may become a new Alpha. You can also choose to be a currant Alphas mate if he/she takes a shine to you ;D

Your friendly admin
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General Rules
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