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PostSubject: Ala[Ae-luh]   Ala[Ae-luh] EmptyFri Jul 23, 2010 10:58 pm

Name: Ala
Nick-Names: Ala has been called Eyeball before... lol.

Appearance: Ala has light brown fur. She has black tipped ears, and a black tipped tail. She has large, golden eyes, and is pretty large.
Eye Color: Golden.
Gender: Female.
Age: four years old. (I have been using this charterer for a year and 5 months!)

Ala is very hot headed, and blows up easily. She wants power, and is very clever. She loves you as long as you be nice to Star(I'll tell you about her in a sec), and herself.
Likes: When she gets power, to be treated with respect.
Dislikes: When is treated like she was born yesterday.

Ala owned a pack, years ago with Shade. While they were alpha's, Ala met many people. Star, Gem(AKA ShadowPaw), Lizzy, Izzy, Frosty, Eclipse, Another wolf named Eclipse, Aqua,Firdy, and Masquerade. They were all great friends (except for Izzy and Ala) until Ala and Shade's fight. Ala and Shade got into it one day, and Shade left the pack. She said anyone loyal would join her pack. Everyone exept Firdy, and Firdys sister(cant remember her name) stayed. Eclipse bacame an alpha with Shade.Aqua didnt join a pack. She left them both, and became a loner. Izzy died having pups. Frosty joined Shade, and had a pup named moon. Frosty died, protecting moon from a bear. Moon joined Ala's pack. Lizzy became a loner for a while, then came back to Ala's pack. Star stayed with Ala for a small while, then turned on her... Ala was heartbroken because Ala was her best friend. Star and Shade were talking at the river. Shade said she wished she never met Ala, then Star soon saw through Shade's cold, evil, red eyes. Star came back. Maqu was only a puppy, and stayed with Ala to call her "mom". Ala soon gave Star the power to be an alpha with her. Ala and Shade's pack had war... Nither pack won, and no one died. Moon eventually grew, and became alpha. Then Gem did too. They all called themselves sisters. Ala was closest to Star, though. Ala, Star, And Gem were captured by humams. They were all sold to diffrent familys. While Ala was there, she met Akuti. Akuti was three, and could iunderstand Ala. Akuti let Ala out, and went with her. Akuti called her mom. Masqu was not happy, and left to go to Shade's pack. Masqu was very young... Ala declared Masqu a traitor. Ala and Shade's pack, eventually became allys.
Mother: ???
Father: ???
Siblings: White Charcoal, SunSmile, PurpleRain
Mate: looking
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PostSubject: Re: Ala[Ae-luh]   Ala[Ae-luh] EmptySat Jul 24, 2010 3:17 am

Nice history =D
And youve had her for that long O_O Cool!
Anyways approved Very Happy

Cherī - Alpha Female of the Kanari Pack
Jay - Shaman of the Sumāto Pack
Phoenix - Loner
Ember - Loner
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