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 ShootingStar (Or just Star)

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PostSubject: ShootingStar (Or just Star)   Sat Jul 24, 2010 11:27 am

Name: ShootingStar
Nick-Names: Star

Appearance: Normal sized wolf but with long legs making me pretty fast, I have snowy white fur and blue/green eyes, my fur is always clean, unless I'm too busy on a mission or something.
(At least three sentances please)
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Gender: Female
Age: 3 Years (I have also had my charecter for a year and five months, I believe I started on February last year...?)

Personality: Quick to Judge, I can't hold a grudge no matter what... XD Protective and strong-willed. Stubborn and sacrificing.
(Discribe it, dont just list stuff)
Likes: Being treated like a wise wolf who has been through alot, winning an argument (I don't give up when it comes to arguing, less Ala wants me to stop XD)
Dislikes: When others bother my friends (Especially Ala, then they'll get it) Being underestimated and blamed for something I didn't do. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE ME OR I SHALL EXPLODE!

History: I was a young loner wolf until I came across the MoonFall pack. Shade was an alpha then and she asked me to join, I felt welcomed into the pack immediately and found myself at Ala's side. I felt a close bond with her though I didn't know her very well, seeing how I didn't know her as much as I knew and trusted Shade, I went with Shade when MoonFall split up. I was in Shade's pack for a while, but they insulted Ala constantly so I left. Another wolf came with me, her name was ShadowPaw, but she changed to Lyrixia. Me and Lyrixia made a pack called the Cresent Moon Pack, it was extremely successful but I left. I had to see Ala again, because she was hurt, and all anyone ever did was hurt her then. When I went back to MoonFall I was once again welcomed, so I then stayed, and became Alpha. Before I became Alpha though, a huge earthquake hit and I was seperated from the pack. I was missing for three months, and I was very far from the pack. Another pack found me, though they were evil. I didn't know it at the time but all they wanted of me was more pups, so I fell in love with the heir to the pack. I soon had a pup and when he was one month old I heard a few things I shouldn't have heard... When I discovered they were evil I rushed away (I would have left to find the pack before but I was going to have a pup O-e So now he's old enough to go with me) I was at the edge of MoonFall's territory when the volcano there caused yet another earthquake (It was soon to erupt about a month later) I was seperated from Coryn my pup and found him again a year later.
( Optional )
Mother: I don't know (I DO know that Udolpha is an anscestor of mine)
Father: Dunno that either
Siblings: No
Mate: No
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PostSubject: Re: ShootingStar (Or just Star)   Sat Jul 24, 2010 11:30 am


Cherī - Alpha Female of the Kanari Pack
Jay - Shaman of the Sumāto Pack
Phoenix - Loner
Ember - Loner
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ShootingStar (Or just Star)
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