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 Phoenix and Ember

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PostSubject: Phoenix and Ember   Thu Aug 19, 2010 5:17 pm

Name: Phoenix
Nick-Names: Flare

Appearance: A rusty brown-red coat with a lighter underbelly and redish brown flecks on her sides.
Eye Color: Yellow
Gender: female
Age: 9 months

Personality: find out i cba to type it all out
Likes: being random, winning, having a good scrap XD
Dislikes: being bored, losing.

History: -
Mother: ...
Father: ...
Siblings: Ember
Mate: none

Name: Ember
Nick-Names: Em

Appearance: Mostly light black, with a darker black back and darker black flecks going down her sides. She has peircing blue eyes dispite her dark colour.
Eye Color: blue
Gender: female
Age: 9 months

Personality: stfu
Likes: shiny things XD
Dislikes: nothing in particular

History: -
Mother: ...
Father: ...
Siblings: Phoenix
Mate: nope

Cherī - Alpha Female of the Kanari Pack
Jay - Shaman of the Sumāto Pack
Phoenix - Loner
Ember - Loner
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Phoenix and Ember
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