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 The Rankings

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PostSubject: The Rankings   The Rankings EmptyThu Jul 22, 2010 2:02 pm

If you are unfamilier with the ranking of a wolf pack, here they are.

The Alphas are the most dominate and respected wolves of the pack. If these two Alphas are not given the respect that they deserve, they will demand it, and if it comes to fighting, so be it, for disrespect will not be tolerated. If these two Alphas see that another wolf is not getting respect that they deserve, then they will see that that wolf does get the respect that he or she deserves. The Alphas try to know what has been going on between members of the pack and, moreover,between members of other packs; they try to "keep up with the times."Alphas have the final say in all decisions, and it is their duty to do what is good for the pack. Even in personal decisions, they must do what is best for the pack. This includes hearing the opinions of all the others and making a decision based on all circumstances. They usually decide what goes on at any given time in a pack: hunting,exploring, meetings, etc. These two are the most responsible and reliable wolves of the pack. The female is in charge of females, and the male is in charge of the males; however, both Alphas will be equally respected by all wolves, regardless of gender, age, pack, etc.

The Betas in a wolf pack play a very simular role as the Alphas. Betas are usually looked upon as second in command, taking over while the alphas are not present. They are able to make the same decisions and have the same amount of respect as the alphas. They answer to no one but their Alphas. While the Alphas are present, Betas are mostly used to settle minor jobs or disputes. There is a male and female Beta.

Deltas are Betas in training. There is also a male and female Delta, like there is a male and female Beta and Alpha.

The hunters are very simular to the Guardians being the larger and stronger wolves. These wolves have been given the job of hunting for food to feed the pack. Usually they bring along other pack members acting as mentors, teaching and helping them to hunt. This is one of the most valuable positions as these wolves keep the pack alive and healthy.

Warriors protect the pack from danger, they are the best fighters of the pack. They rely on the scouts to bring them warning of attacks and such, but are usually ready for a scrap anyway.

A wolf that shows interest and skill in caring for weakened packmates.The Shaman of the Pack ensures when any wolf is wounded, they recover properly not putting to much stress on their wounds. They also watch over the older or ill wolves of the Pack. They serve as a doctor, and try to keep the pack in a healthy state. Shamans make sure that no wolf over exerts themselves before, during, or after hunts. Shamans also have spiritual connections. There is usually only one in a pack.

Healers are helpers of the Shaman, they do the same job, but do not have any spiritual connections like the Shaman does.

Scouts are responsible for warning the Pack of dangers approaching, if any. Scouts are mainly wolves known by neighboring packs and visit around often. They stay in touch with other packs and keep friendly relations. They are to report any important changes to the Alpha and Beta.

The sentinels do almost the same job as the Scouts, only they dont travel like the Scouts do. Sentinels patrol the packs territory and mark the borders, making sure other packs know they mean buisiness.

Not all wolves hold positions, either for being new additions to the pack or not having defined their abilities yet. The Alpha(s) take great care in selection of which position a wolf will be allowed to maintain. As the pack members gain time in the pack, their actions will dictate if they are to be advanced.

Kappas are like apprentices if you compare them to the warriors ranks. They are taught by an older member of the pack, how to hunt and scout, then their position in the pack will be decided by a final assessment of their abilities.

The Omega of the pack is lowest ranking wolf, only higher then the pups. The Omega is usually a wolf that is either very new to packlife and still learning or a wolf that has been lowered in rank due to wrong actions. They are usually given the responsibilities of 'puppy-sitter', watching over the cubs during group hunts and making sure they don't wander into the forest. The Omega may even growl or nip at the learning pups, teaching them the Way of the Pack and their place within the hierarchy. Ironically, other adult wolves may growl or nip at the Omega in the same manner for the same reasons. Still what seems to be 'bullying' is much more complicated than it appears. If a pack's survival depends on the acceptance of hierarchy, then it is crucial to learn this well and early.

Normally, only the alphas will mate and produce pups. Packs often will adopt pups that wander into a packs territory. Many lone pups have become lost from their packs, wandered off, or due to packs fighting each other have lost their parents. Others have been orphaned by hunters killing them off. Some will be allowed to remain while others will be chased off or killed. Pups are not allowed on hunts until around 6 months of age and then only when accompanied by the packs hunters or their parents.
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The Rankings
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