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 The Packs

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PostSubject: The Packs   The Packs EmptyThu Jul 22, 2010 3:35 pm

These are basically the whole pack bio, discribing the personality of the pack.

Kurai, the Brutal Ones. As their name suggests, these wolves are dark, malicious and bloodthirsty. They are a pack of fierce warriors, who live their lives according to the packs only law; kill or be killed. The alphas are regarded, and often think of themselves, as Gods. Kurai warriors, as they are called, must lay down their lives for the alphas without hesitation. Pups are raised to be warriors, and are very disciplined.

Their pack's hierarchy and chain of command is military style. Orders from the alpha are given to the betas, who relay the message to the deltas, who in turn relay the orders to the warriors and scouts. This makes the pack highly efficient in battle.

The ideal candidate for Kurai should have great physical strength and extensive combat experience. They must be able to follow orders and execute them flawlessly, or be prepared to deal with the consequences.


Sumāto, the Silent Killers. Masters of stealth and sabotage, these wolves tend to be quick-witted and discreet, relying on brains rather than brawn when it comes to the art of war. They employ a variety of covert tactics...such as espionage and assassinations.

Although they may seem cold and indifferent toward outsiders at first, the pack is actually very close knit. It's members are friendly and affectionate toward one another. The alphas are strong, but fair leaders. They give every wolf equal opportunity to prove themselves worthy of entry into their ranks.

The ideal candidate for Sumāto is likely intelligent and resourceful. They should be able to think on their feet and are expected to be able to operate under extreme pressure.


Kanari, the Moon Riders. This is a spiritual pack. They are peaceful, but proud. Out of the three packs, this one is the most welcoming toward strangers, treating them with the same respect to give to their own pack members. However, they are very protective of their beautiful lands, and will mercilessly drive away invaders. Members of this pack tend to have very beautiful singing voices.

Candidates for Kanari should be gentle, polite and respectful. They might have a profound appreciation for natural beauty. They are not expected to be rough or fierce fighters until the need arises.
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The Packs
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